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Ray Mears Wild Britain

 2nd Nov 2010

Explore Westhay Moor (photo credit Lynne NewtonBushcraft expert Ray Mears explores the Somerset Levels and takes a closer look at the wildlife that lives in this lowland wetland habitat.

His visit to the Somerset Levels was part of ITV's current Wild Britain series exploring different habitats across the UK.

Our Expert

The Trust's dragonfly expert Mark Steer met Ray at Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve to explain more about these facinating and beautiful creatures that are so characteristic of the Somerset Levels.

Watch again - Ray and Mark at Westhay Moor

Our Nature Reserves

Like Ray you can explore the wildlife on our nature reserves on the Levels - Find out what to see and how to get there: Westhay Moor and nearby Catcott Lows.