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Why Living Landscapes?

Working tirelessly for more than half a century

Somerset Wildlife Trust has worked tirelessly since it was founded over 50 years ago, to protect and enhance the natural environment of Somerset, with many successes on and off our nature reserves. You may think, in these enlightened environmental times, that the pressure on wildlife is easing. Far from it. In fact, our familiar ways of protecting wildlife may no longer be enough.

Isolated islands of wildlife

As the modern world becomes more sophisticated and efficient, nature conservation in the UK needs to keep up and keep relevant. Land use policy is ever more economically-driven and there is less and less room for wildlife in our landscape. Even protected sites and nature reserves are becoming isolated islands of wildlife, in the middle of an intensively managed countryside. Government and lottery funding for biodiversity work is dwindling, and as global recession bites and climate change becomes a reality, the threats Somerset’s remaining wildlife are increasing dramatically.

All this means that if Somerset Wildlife Trust really wants to put wildlife on the map for future generations, we need to think in a joined-up way, and we have to focus our efforts.