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Drones on Reserves

Drone 01For the safety and enjoyment of other visitors, and to protect wildlife from disturbance or injury, we do not allow drone flying from or over Somerset Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves. The only exception being contractors or staff who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have specific insurances and have been commissioned or authorised by the Trust for a specific purpose to assist our conservation work  – and in these cases the activity is strictly controlled.

Our reserves are important areas for wildlife and many of them are used for breeding. These sites are sensitive to disturbance; for instance, birds may feel threatened by drones and abandon their nests.

Drones require permission and licensing to operate, and operators must have sufficient training and insurance to use them safely and responsibly. The use of drones is overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority and is an area where regulation is currently developing.. We will continue to monitor these developments and keep our position under constant review.

If you have any questions about drones on our nature reserves please contact