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Training & Skills

Botanical Survey and Recording Skills

Providing local people with the knowledge and skills to record flora within the Avalon Marshes project area.

Species Survey and Recording Skills

To provide local people with the knowledge and skills to record a range of species within the Avalon Marshes project area including: Dragonflies, Butterflies, invertebrates, Otters, Amphibians and Reptiles and Water Voles.

Wetland Bird Surveys

This training will provide an opportunity for the residents within the Landscape area to take an active part in the monitoring of the avian fauna.

Reedbed Management Training Course

Exploring sustainable reedbed management techniques for conservation and commercial interests.

Tree Pollarding

A guide to the principals of pollarding, its place in the landscape of Somerset and its ecological benefits.

Combining the Conservation of Wet Grassland with Farming

This project aims to replicate and demonstrate the land management and farming practices of those businesses that are successfully combining commercial production with breeding waders on their land.

Avalon Marshes Diploma

Recognise the training undertaken by volunteers with the awarding of a nationally recognised qualification. This will involve linking the training and volunteering activity together into a coherent programme and offering the qualification using integrated assessment methods, reducing the need for additional paperwork.

Environmental Conservation Apprenticeship

Creating two full apprenticeship opportunities and meeting all associated costs. Employing organisations will host the apprentices, giving work experience and appropriate supervision and training.

Brush-cutter courses

As well as the new courses, a priority need for a number of the conservation volunteers is formal training in the use of brush-cutters. This is a crucial element to enable the Volunteer Leaders programme, where more conservation, restoration and clearance work can be done by existing volunteers.

Archaeological Training

To improve understanding and appreciation of the archaeological heritage of the Avalon Marshes among the general public, providing people with a skill set that they can use to conduct further archaeological work in pursuit of their own interests. This will give archaeological fieldwork experience for students of heritage courses in the colleges and Universities that serve the project area, to assist them towards further study or employment.
This in turn will help to improve our understanding of the archaeological heritage of the Avalon Marshes.

Heritage Skills Training

A series of short courses will improve understanding and appreciation of traditional heritage crafts and building techniques for those involved. The courses will provide appropriate skills for volunteers to enable them to be involved in the ongoing development of the archaeological reconstructions if they so wish.

Communicating Heritage (Personal Interpretation Skills)

The over all aim is to equip local people with the necessary skills to enable them to communicate effectively with a range of individuals to raise awareness and appreciation for the local environment.
Working with volunteers from within the landscape area the trainers will guide the participants through various generic processes and techniques that will enable them to take what is unique and special about where they live and share it with visitors and others.

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