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Family activities

Top 4 boredom busters:

1. Join a Wildlife Watch Club

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of the Wildlife Trust and runs 6 Wildlife Watch Clubs that meet across the county. Clubs get up to all sorts of activities including bat watching, making homes for reptiles, overnight camps and even get involved with hands on conservation tasks. You can find out more about Wildlife Watch and find a club nearest to you here.

2. Come to a family event

Somerset Wildlife Trust runs loads of great family events all year round at some stunning locations. Why not come along to one and get the chance to take part in some great activities. You can find out about what is coming up and where by going to our events page.

3. Explore a nature reserve

With 72 to choose from, there is a never ending number of places to discover. But don't just go for a walk, download some great spotters guides, activity sheets and ID charts from the Wildlife Watch website to take with you.

You can find a whole load of great activity sheets here and find a nature reserve to explore near you by clicking here.

4. Do something to help wildlife

Whether its making a minibeast mansion by the garden shed or bird feeders to hang in the trees, doing something positive to help wildlife is easier than you think. You can find lots of great ideas of stuff to make on the Wildlife Watch website here.



Minibeast mansion

Girl with net by Ben Simmonds

camp 3 sml