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The 500 Club is the Somerset Wildlife Trust lottery. Anyone can play, and each time the draw takes place the proceeds are split between prize money and conservation funds. This means that Somerset’s wildlife is a winner every time, as well as several lucky Trust supporters.

The prize amounts depend on the number of players entered in the draw, and therefore the amount of money in the jackpot (or ‘stake value income’) ­- 40% of this is allocated to the prize fund, with 60% going towards wildlife conservation.

If 500 players take part by entering £2.50 per month, the prize money to be distributed would total £6,000 per year!

How does the lottery work?

When an individual signs up to the lottery they are allocated a unique player number. Numbers are then drawn at random to determine the winners. 

There will be three draws each year, in March, August and November.

How do I join?

Fill out and return the application form and complete online the Direct Debit form. Once these have been processed you will receive your stakeholder letter and unique player number via email.

Note: applications for Direct Debit take six weeks to process.FRSB give with confidence

If you have any queries please email 

Download the Terms & Conditions.