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Your Sightings

  • Do you have sparrows nesting in the roof, or bumblebees zooming around your garden?

  • Is your local park a haven for butterflies or beetles?

  • Do you sit and watch the kingfisher on the River Tone, or spot swifts in the town centre?

If you’ve spotted it, tell us about it using the form below. All we need is a brief description, location and date of your sighting, which will help us to build up a picture of what species live in the different habitats of our town.

Once we’ve collected your data, we’ll map it and share it with you later in the year. We hope this map will form the basis of an “opportunities” map for wildlife in Taunton -­ something that we can all use to plan habitat enhancements to help our wildlife move and thrive across the town.

Tell us what you've seen

The more exact you can be about the location the better.

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A bright idea!

We want to work with our local communities to rebuild spaces for wildlife in the town, and the best way to start planning for this is to work out what’s out and about in Taunton at the moment. We’re interested in hearing from as many people as possible about what wildlife is out and about in Taunton.

If you can, why not hold a “wildlife spot” with your neighbours once a month, and see whether the species you regularly see change over the seasons. We’d like to collect as much data as possible throughout the summer so please do encourage your friends, family and neighbours to get involved.