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Spring planting ideas

If you’re thinking about adding some wildlife friendly features to your garden, this year, early spring is the perfect time!

Trees & shrubs

If you haven’t already got a crab apple this is an ideal small tree to fit in, or if you have, add another one! There are many varieties to choose from all with wonderful blossom and fruit. 

There’s always room for another shrub so try and fit in some berry-bearing ones such as Guelder rose Vibernum opulus, a hawthorn Crataegus sp., a native dogwood Cornus sp. or for the nectar, the non-native Escallonia.

Climbers & borders

Try planting a different variety of honeysuckle to extend the flowering period through the year and how about a new single-flowered rambling or climbing rose to brighten an old fence or dark area. Why not add a Globe thistle Echinops sp. or a Sea holly Eryngium sp. to really boost the nectar supply of your herbaceous border.


Now is also the time to sow some annual wildflower seeds either in an existing flowerbed with perennials or around some of the vegetable plots to help with pest control. Species such as corn marigold, Californian poppy, cornflower, borage or the american Phacelia will provide an excellent supply of nectar. 

Happy planting!






Sea Holly

Sea Holly