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Good news for Somerset's Local Nature Partnership

 23rd Nov 2012

bitternSomerset Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce on behalf of its partners that the Somerset Local Nature Partnership (SLNP) has been formally recognised by the Government and is now forging ahead with an ambitious work plan, providing strong, positive environmental leadership locally. 

What is the SLNP?

The SLNP is a partnership spanning the county, comprising groups, organisations and companies interested in the restoration and enhancement of the local natural environment for the benefit of our economic and social health and well-being. Local Nature Partnerships are a key aspect of the Government’s 2011 Natural Environment White Paper for England, which wants these locally organised bodies to ‘bring a diverse range of individuals, businesses and organisations together at a local level to create a vision and plan of action of how the natural environment can be taken into account in decision making.’ At present the SLNP has over 20 partners, including local authorities, Government agencies, and private and third sector groups and organsiations. A full list of the partners currently signed up to the SLNP can be found here. Membership of the SLNP is not closed, and any organisation interested in joining and working with the Partnership should contact the interim Chairman of the SLNP, Simon Nash, at or 01823 652400. 

What is the SLNP doing?

Working collaboratively, the LNP aims to support the excellent work already being undertaken for nature across the county, by developing a shared vision and priorities for Somerset’s natural environment, and making active connections with other sectors. This will help to drive forward the environmental agenda in Somerset in a way which encourages the sharing of expertise and experience, based on a common understanding and a common vision for the future of our natural environment, leading to new environmental understanding and a shared commitment to improve our natural environment for the benefit of our economy and society. The SLNP will be working alongside the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnerships and Somerset’s Heath & Wellbeing Board to champion the value of nature, and develop innovative ways of engaging new sectors in work to benefit nature and to jointly tackle some of the knotty challenges facing Somerset’s natural environment.

Where can I find out more?

At the moment, an interim working group is establishing the Governance arrangements of the SLNP, and will be providing regular email updates on progress to the partners and other interested organisations ­ if you would like to receive these emails, please contact who can arrange for you to be placed on the mailing list. The SLNP will be formally launched at the Somerset Local Nature Partnership Big Ideas Event in Spring 2013. More information on this will be made available over the coming weeks, so please check back to the website or sign up to the SLNP email updates.