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The Somerset Nature Reserve Fund - provides vital additional money needed to invest in the long term future of our nature reserves.

Our nature reserves cover over 1700 hectares and comprise  of an enormous range of very different habitats - from internationally renowned wetlands, ancient woodland, rich grassland, rolling hills and magnificent meadows -  which support equally diverse populations of wonderful species. They are the bedrock upon which we deliver our core conservation programmes.

We need your help to do this

Not only does it take an incredible amount of planning and resource to sustain the basic health of these special places with tailor-made programmes to fit their unique biodiversity needs, and to deliver added resilience from worrying factors such as climate change, development and intensive farming practices - as the seasons change throughout the year we have to continually adjust and fine-tune each and every one of our work and habitat programmes in the light of changing weather conditions and variable seasonal events.

Please help us today and make a donation, however big or small it will really make a difference.

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