Somerset Wildlife Trust

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Somerset Nature Reserves

Somerset Wildlife Trust protects some of  the county's most threatened habitats and precious species within its nature reserves. They are great places to enjoy and explore the amazing wildlife and landscapes we have on our doorstep. There are many opportunities to get close to nature and see some very special wildlife.

We manage 72 nature reserves across Somerset, which cover an area of 1,720 hectares (roughly equivalent in size to 2,000 football pitches). Some of our nature reserves are very large and link to adjacent sites to create a complex, while others are a cluster of fields or woodlands. Our largest nature reserve that we manage is Yoxter (228 hectares) and the smallest is Wadbury Bat House in East Mendip.

Enjoy a Wildwalk this winter

Harridge WildWalk Westhay - WildWalk

Explore Harridge Wood Nature Reserve on the Mendip Hills.

Follow the guided trail and record the wildlife you see.

Explore Westhay Moor Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels.

Follow the guided trail and record the wildlife you see.

Where to visit?

Our nature reserves are maked on the map below or an A-Z list can be found to the left. You can also download our Nature Reserves Guide.


Did you know?

• That in the Mendip Volunteer Conservation group alone, 341 volunteer hours of volunteer effort went into helping to manage our Mendip reserves over a six-month period in 2013.

• We have around forty grazing contractors and provide employment for many other local contractors.

• That 55,000 visitors per year visit our Black Rock reserve (Mendips).

• We provide 1,110 hectares of open access for people to enjoy our oustanding nature reserves.

• 682 school children got their hands dirty on our nature reserves in the 2012/13 academic year.