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Remember A Charity Week

 9th Sep 2014

bluebell wood - diane jonesFrom the Levels to the Quantock Hills, the importance of legacies left to Somerset Wildlife Trust cannot be underestimated; the contribution of individuals in this way helps to ensure the future of Somerset’s diverse landscape. Legacies enable the Trust to purchase, manage and link up their nature reserves, providing a permanent home for wildlife.

The Trust depends on legacies

Remember A Charity Week takes place across the UK from September 8 to 14, and involves over 140 registered charities. The week seeks to make leaving gifts in wills a social norm for everyone by raising awareness of the importance of legacies to charities and inspiring more people to consider remembering a charity in their will.

Legacies form the foundation of charities in the UK. Many charities depend on legacies, as without them, they would not exist. Remember A Charity is the Institute of Fundraising’s long-term campaign to increase legacy giving to charities.

CEO of Somerset Wildlife Trust Simon Nash said: “Legacies are vital to the work of the Trust; a significant recent example being the move to our new and permanent home in Taunton, which would not have been possible without the generous legacy left by founding Trust member Dr Chris Smith. Gifts large and small all contribute to ensuring the future of wildlife in the county.”

Living Legends documentary

This year, Remember A Charity is honouring their special week by documenting three remarkable stories in a short film entitled Living Legends, which collectively celebrates the achievements of the baby boomers. These individuals are now in retirement but continue to do legendary things for their favourite causes.

Rob Cope, Director at Remember A Charity, said: “Remember A Charity Week 2014 aims to remind the nation that there is a legend in us all. After taking care of your family and friends, leaving a gift in your will to your favourite charity is truly a legendary thing to do. No matter the size, a charitable gift can help the invaluable work of our favourite causes live on ­ long after we're gone.”

One star of Living Legends, Tom Lackey, is a 94-year-old grandparent and wing-walker. Tom only started wing-walking in his 80s but has since raised over £1 million for charity in memory of his late wife. He can be seen in the documentary soaring hundreds of feet in the air over an expanse of glorious British countryside.

Find out more

Anyone can join the Living Legends and write a charitable gift into their will this Remember A Charity Week. For more information, please see Somerset Wildlife Trust’s pages on legacies and in memoriam giving.

The Living Legends documentary can be viewed at

Remember A Charity week 2014


Photo © Diane Jones