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Somerset Wildlife Trust - Winter Raffle 2016


Congratulations to Mrs Scragg from Chapel Cleve, Richard & Mary from Taunton and Ms Thompson from Merriott, all who were picked at the end of January as our lucky Winter Raffle winners. 

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Winter Raffle, as a result of everyone’s support; we raised over £10,350 to continue to protect the county’s wildlife.

Don’t worry if you missed out, as you’ll have another chance at winning some great prizes with our 2017 Autumn raffle, so keep checking here to find out more.   

Web - Raffle Prizes1st Prize Winner - Mrs P Scragg,
from Chapel Cleeve

First prize winner, Mrs Scragg, was delighted to win a  holiday on the island of Lundy, staying for four days. Now eighty years old Mrs Scragg said “I can’t believe it, last time I won something I was eight years old”.  Mrs Scragg has been a member of Somerset Wildlife Trust since 1994 and is a long term supporter of Somerset’s wildlife. 

Web - Raffle Prizes22nd Prize Winners - Richard and Mary P, from Taunton

Richard and Mary from Taunton,  joint members of Somerset Wildlife Trust, have only been in Somerset for nine months, but have been members of The Wildlife Trust for a long time. Delighted with their win of a pair of SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Pocket binoculars, worth over £500, we hope this prize will help them continue to spot and love the incredible wildlife found in Somerset.

Web - Raffle Prizes33rd Prize Winner - Ms P Thompson,
from Merriot

Last but not least, Ms Thompson from Merriott, a Life Member of Somerset Wildlife Trust who has lived in Somerset for twenty years, was overjoyed when she discovered she had won the £250 cash prize - which she said was extremely unexpected.  Ms Thompson has a passion for wildlife and in particular a love of Otters, and says she will probably spend the money on a pair of new binoculars.