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Orchids in flower

These are some of our favourite nature reserves to visit in search of orchids this summer.

heathspotted Early Purple Orchid 4071-1 beeorchid

Edford Meadow, nr Shepton Mallet

You can see more than 90 different flowering plants at Edford Meadow, renowned for the sheer variety of orchid species including Common Spotted, Green Winged, Heath Spotted and Southern Marsh, all of which are at their best in June.


Thurlbear Wood, nr Taunton

From April onwards, Thurlbear offers up an exciting range of rare and beautiful orchids from early purple, common spotted, twayblade, greater butterfly, to the bee orchid. An orchid enthusiast’s paradise!



Yarley Fields, nr Wells

See exotic looking Bee Orchids blooming here from June to July. The single flower of the Bee Orchid is the culmination of up to eight years' growth with its shape evolved to attract male bees.

Photo of green winged orchid & bee orchid ©

Photo of early purple orchid © Mathew Peaster