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Nature Matters

The Wildlife Trusts are firmly opposed to the proposed badger cull. Licences have been issued that allow badger culling from this weekend.

Urgent Badger Cull Update: Please email your MP before the 5th June

On Wednesday (5th June 2013) your MP will have the opportunity to vote in an Opposition Day debate. The wording of the motion tabled is "This House believes the badger cull should not go ahead." If you are against the badger cull please email your MP today, and let them know how you feel. Time is of the essence - please make your voice heard - here is some suggested text and link below to contact details.

What you can do

Democracy matters: Sign the anti-cull Government e-petition

Nature matters: Contact your MP. Let them know you value nature and badgers and ask them to #stopthecull

Badgers matter: Badgers belong in our hedgerows and woods. Donate to a local vaccination programme

Click for more information nationally & locally.