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Who should be involved with the Somerset Local Nature Partnership?

 We want all sections of the community represented in a Somerset LNP.  Defra have indicated a range of likely participants and this includes: local authorities; National Parks and AONBs; environmental charities; landowners; local businesses and business enterprise organisations; health and wellbeing organisations; educational organisations; community organisations and forums; existing biodiversity partnerships.

 Next steps

 Three main streams of work are proposed in the period until June 2012.

 1. Development of the LNP with the help of consultants, involving initial focus groups meetings with a small group of stakeholders, resulting in an Issues Report.  Two workshops will take place with a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals to debate and agree the vision, priorities, work plan, funding, governance and set-up of the LNP.  The first was on the 9 May and the second is on the 30 May. 

 2. High level liaison to gain buy-in from senior decision makers including the Local Economic Partnership and Health and Wellbeing Board.

 3. Preparation of a State of Somerset’s Environment Report to give a baseline on existing data and requirements to be undertaken by the Somerset Biodiversity Partnership, SERC and consultants on socio-economic aspects.

 This development work is intended to give the embryonic Somerset LNP an excellent start when it is formed in July 2012. An application is being submitted to Defra to gain their recognition as a LNP.

 To find out more about the Somerset Local Nature Partnership, please contact  or 01823 652437.