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Wildlife to See This Month


Great White Stork croppedPull on your gumboots with Chris Chappell for a sloshy walk on the levels. Or try once more to take a good photograph following his tips and the example he sets in his fine photos here.

waxwing 1Chris Chappell on tracking, mobbing, feeding and kissing as activities to observe or indulge in this month.

Young SwansBirds head Chris Chappell's list of things to look out for in November. But try a walk on the Poldens as well to enjoy the views.

BeeChris Chappell continues his series of articles, encouraging us to get out there with eyes and ears wide open for creepers, shovelers and  yaffles.

Common Darter smallChris Chappell gives us further incentives to get out and look at September's attractions.

butterflyTrust volunteer Chris Chappell takes a look at what to see and do in August and how a wetland reserves looks in summer time.

Avocet Brian PhippsChris Chappell reflects on some striking birds and the effects of the poor weather but also visits two very different sites.

Grass SnakeSomerset has many good sites where adders, grass snakes, slow worms and common lizards can be seen. Chris Chappell offers advice on identification

Silver-washed Fritillary 180The month of May is full of delights in the natural world. There is much to see, says Chris Chappell, who stimulates us each month to get out and discover what's there.

Tufted DucksApril is an exciting month for wildlife. Chris Chappell takes a close look at Grey Herons and wonders why Reed Warblers accompany Cuckoos back from Africa only to be used by them as foster parents.