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Common Darter small

If you've never seen a sundew, track down this fascinating plant at Westhay , says Chris Chappell. And be alert to the arrival of winter migrants.

Teasel 3Chris Chappell has some intriguing observations this month on moulting, preening and sunbathing.

Damselfly 180Chris Chappell invites you to take a walk along a neolithic track and gives advice on what to look out for, from hunting hobbies to darting damselflies - their prey.

Reed Bunting 180Chris Chappell urges you to indulge yourself in the great variety of good things on offer in the countryside in May.

CowslipThere is a lot to see in April, as it is the key month for birds and animals to start their breeding season. Warblers, dragonflies and spring flowers might be your priorities, suggests Chris Chappell. Can you tell your Four Spot Chaser from your Banded Demoiselle?

Little OwlCan you tell a willow warbler from a chiff-chaff, a grass snake from a slow worm, a little owl from a tawny owl? Chris Chappell urges you to get out and have look in the exciting month of March.

Bearded Tit 180Take Chris Chappell's advice: make the most of the winter visitors this month and be patient with bitterns.

Great White Stork croppedPull on your gumboots with Chris Chappell for a sloshy walk on the levels. Or try once more to take a good photograph following his tips and the example he sets in his fine photos here.

waxwing 1Chris Chappell on tracking, mobbing, feeding and kissing as activities to observe or indulge in this month.

Young SwansBirds head Chris Chappell's list of things to look out for in November. But try a walk on the Poldens as well to enjoy the views.