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Mute Swan headMany people dislike November but Chris Chappell has found lots to cheer you up.

Reed BuntingChris Chappell suggests you watch out for reed buntings (left) and walnuts falling from the skies and that you should take care of hedgehogs on Bonfire Night.

Small TortoiseshellChris Chappell always has good advice for those who are looking for places to visit and interesting wildlife to see.


Robin 180Good cameras on mobiles now leave you with no excuse. Get out there and take some great photos. Chris Chappell gives advice.

Whooper 180Winter brings migrant birds, often in large numbers. Chris Chappell makes sure we can locate and identify these in his notes for this month.

Male TealChris Chappell gives us lots of help in identifying the numerous birds to be seen in November.

Rose hips 180From Little Stints to Great White Egrets, the Levels have lots to offer this autumn. Chris Chappell tells us where to look.

Common Darter small

If you've never seen a sundew, track down this fascinating plant at Westhay , says Chris Chappell. And be alert to the arrival of winter migrants.

Teasel 3Chris Chappell has some intriguing observations this month on moulting, preening and sunbathing.

Damselfly 180Chris Chappell invites you to take a walk along a neolithic track and gives advice on what to look out for, from hunting hobbies to darting damselflies - their prey.