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Garden Spider 180Chris Chappell has detailed information on bird activity in autumn with a focus on ravens. And don't forget the hedgehogs on bonfire night.

Common Darter small

The seasonal colours should make attractive photographs and there is an abundance of possible subjects, says Chris Chappell.

Herring GullSkulking moulters bobbing seals and butterfly lures are Chris Chappell's topics for the month.

Water Rail 180Churring nightjars and screeching water rails are among Chris Chappell's suggestions for your wildlife adventures this month.

Four-spot 180Why not make a list of the species here and see how many you can track down? Chris Chappell's descriptions must make it tempting.

Banded DemoiselleChris Chappell would be delighted if you got up at 5 am to hear the dawn chorus but if not, there's plenty to be seen later in the day. 

RobinStrolling, hiking, climbing - take your pick in order to track down all that Somerset has to offer in this exciting month. Chris Chappell shows us how.

Small TortoiseshellNature is on the move and so will you be when you read what Chris Chappell has to say about garden birds and grebes.

Bearded Tit 180Chris Chappell focuses on birds this month - a good time to see them in action before foliage obscures them.

Lapwing singleChris Chappell urges photographers to take advantage of the low light, the fog and the frost. Try Catcott for a fruitful source of images.