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Wildlife to See This Month


First-PicThis month is an exciting time of major changes in the natural world, as spring gets under way, and winter recedes.

Stonechat 180Before the birds are hidden by the foliage, make the best use of this underrated month to visit some of Somerset's top sites, following Chris Chappell's shrewd advice.

NuthatchChris Chappell recommends the new tower hide at Catcott - but take your boots.

Teal (male) speculumReach for your camera to catch the tones of winter. Chris Chappell suggests possible subjects.

Snipe 180Somerset is swarming with birds in November. Chris Chappell guides you to their habitats.

Garden Spider 180Chris Chappell has detailed information on bird activity in autumn with a focus on ravens. And don't forget the hedgehogs on bonfire night.

Common Darter small

The seasonal colours should make attractive photographs and there is an abundance of possible subjects, says Chris Chappell.

Herring GullSkulking moulters bobbing seals and butterfly lures are Chris Chappell's topics for the month.

Water Rail 180Churring nightjars and screeching water rails are among Chris Chappell's suggestions for your wildlife adventures this month.

Four-spot 180Why not make a list of the species here and see how many you can track down? Chris Chappell's descriptions must make it tempting.