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Wildlife to See This Month


Blackbird clutchDistinguishing warblers is a challenge but advice from Chris Chappell should help you to tell your Cetti's from your Grasshopper or your Reed from your Sedge. They are all out there waiting for you.

Little Grebe 180Here, Chris Chappell tells the tale of the peregrine. Now find one in the Somerset countryside. Try Kilve.

Song Thrush 180Bitterns, bats and brimstone butterflies are targets this month, says Chris Chappell. And can you tell a Mistle from a Song Thrush? (The clue is in the arrows)

Bearded Tit 180Like the bittern, build up your muscles, if not for singing then for exploring Westhay with Chris Chappell. And will you know a ringtail if you see one?

Stonechat 180When will the birds start to sing again? Let Chris Chappell be your guide to this and to local wetland birds.

Golden Plover 180Chris Chappell's pictures of waders ought to make you want to go to Bridgwater Bay to see the flocks massing there now.

Bearded Reedling 180Listen for the "kerching" of the Beardies, say Chris Chappell or spend a day at Steart.

Teal 180Read Chris Chappell's tale of the female spider, shedding her skin and perishing of starvation for the sake of her genes.


Peacock wingAre your photographs as good as Chris Chappell's? He suggests plenty of suitable subjects for you this month.

Swallow 180Hawkers, Darters and Harriers should keep you interested this month, say Chris Chappell.