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June Update - The End is Near!

 11th Aug 2015

June Update

As the traineeship draws to an end for most of us it’s a time to reflect on everything we have gained from the experience over the last year. We had a chance to meet the trainees from the other counties at a presentation event to celebrate the year’s achievements and to thank HLF for making it all possible.  Many of the trainees have managed to get new jobs with various organisations and our conservation futures are looking bright.


Only a brief update from me as I’ve only spent two weeks of June with the Trust. As well as working on paperwork and ensuring I got everything finished I’ve helped with guided walks and been out with a couple of volunteer groups. I led the East Mendip group by myself, putting in the nature trail posts that I’d been working on.

I have had the most incredible 11 and a half months with the Trust, meeting some fantastic people, having incredible wildlife experiences and learning so much. I can’t say thank you enough to all the staff and volunteers who have made me so welcome and been willing to share their knowledge with me. I am going to miss Somerset and won’t forget my time with the Trust but it is time for my next adventure ­ a summer in Dorset awaits!


Black Rock

Black Rock



June has been a busy month with the preparations for the trainee presentation event at the Hauser and Wirth Gallery in Bruton. We had to film and edit a video for the event which turned out to be slightly trickier than we thought as we were filming at Black Rock on a particularly windy day! We ended up adding subtitles to the video which got a chuckle from the audience. The event went well and it was a nice chance to meet a representative from the Heritage Lottery Fund who are the funders of the traineeship. Everyone got certificates and awards and we had a lovely cream tea afterwards and a chance to reflect on the last twelve months.

I attended a sedges, rushes and grasses course this month with Dominic Price from The Species Recovery Trust. It was a very enjoyable day and I feel more equipped to identify the diagnostic features of these plants now.

Also this month we had the Large Blue Open Day at Green down which was a great success. We had forty five to fifty people attend and everyone got the chance to see at least a few Large Blues on the day and a bottle of apple juice to cool down with after.

Beth has now left for her new job with the National Trust and will be greatly missed. Being the two practical trainees we have been through many experiences together and having someone else going through the same things has made everything more enjoyable. Her enthusiasm and passion for nature have been infectious and I wish her the best of luck in everything she chooses to do.

trainees and mentors

The trainees and mentors at the presentation event.  Beth is represented by a plate as she wasn’t able to make it!


Species Spotted

Flea Sedge

Field Woodrush

Star Sedge

Ringlet butterflies

Large Blue Butterflies



green down open day

Green Down open day


Pyramidal Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid


Photo Credits; Black Rock and Pyramidal Orchid ­Beth Aucott, The trainees and mentors ­ Claire Critchley, Green Down Open Day ­Olivia Dullaghan