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Spring Planting the Green Way

home pg picWith tiny green shoots appearing everywhere and the mild weather luring everyone in their gardens, here are some ideas for keeping our green and pleasant land environmentally friendly:

  • Use alternatives to peat compost. Peat cannot be sustainably "farmed" as it takes 1000s of years to replenish. There are plenty of alternatives out there, including Viridor's Revive compost made from household waste collected by the council. Ask at garden centres to encourage them to stock alternatives.
  • Reuse your pots, trays and pot holders - give them a quick wash and they are as good as new
  • Think about how you can harvest more rainwater - butts, tubs, trays and anything goes!
  • Make your own liquid feeds this year - stinking nettles make a fantastic mix if chopped and left in water for a few days (much longer and they smell BAD!)
  • Share your seeds - Transition Town groups often arrange seed swaps and you never know what you might find
  • Resolve to plant some veg this year - even a plastic sack can be used to grow spuds in, and homegrown taste best
  • Grow salads, rocket and other cut-and-some-again leaves in containers near your house - easy for sandwiches, lunchboxes and salads all year round
  • Cut your own beanpoles - any straight stick can be used for these. You could even grow your own bamboo poles!
  • Plant flowers, shrubs and trees that attract insects and bees to bring your whole garden alive
  • Sign up for a wildlife garden plaque today.