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Glastonbury Festival

 28th Jun 2010

The team at glasto

Thanks for visiting our yurt at Glastonbury Festival and adding your pledge to the trees in our orchard.

More than 300 of you told us what you'd do for wildlife where you live so here's some stuff to help you do it.

If you live outside Zummerzet (and think we all talk like that)

If you live elsewhere in the UK you can find your local Trust ­ or a nature reserves to explore near you this summer.

If you're a local

If you live in Somerset you've struck lucky beacues we're your local Trust, so take a look at this:

Keep in touch

When you made your pledge you may have given us your email and we really hope that's because you wanted to keep in touch. If not, you can easily opt out of our e-bulletin by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button. Don't foget your local Trust probably does something similar so you may want to sign up for their bulletin instead.