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Bee and butterfly survey

Did you know?

  • 80% of our native flora are insect pollinated
  • 4% of the land surface in the UK is covered by gardens
  • An estimated 87% of households have access to a garden
  • Gardens provide space for three million ponds and a quarter of all the trees in the nation that are not within woodlands


Gardens are an incredibly important wildlife resource within the UK and our Gardening for Wildlife Group are keen to identify the most beneficial plants to grow in our gardens for bees, butterflies and hoverflies.




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How to take part in the garden survey

Download the forms

  1. Download and print the instructions and forms so that you can take them into the garden and away you go!
  2. Once you have completed the forms please send your results to Liz Francis, Somerset Wildlife Trust, Tonedale Mill, Tonedale, Wellington, SOMERSET, TA21 0AW or email them to

Complete the forms online

       1. First view the survey instructions and exemplar form

       2. Complete month by month online survey forms by clicking on the following links.


Make space for bees and butterflies in your garden

If you're not already planting for bees and butterflies you can download our facts sheets on this page.