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Help Us and make your Garden Wildlife friendly

Your Somerset Garden could be a haven for globally threated species in Somerset such as the rapidly declining hedgehog. You can enjoy nature in your back yard and help us to conserve many threatened wildlife species at the same time.

Supported by over 18,000 members, Somerset Wildlife Trust has been protecting the vulnerable wildlife species found in your garden for over 50 years.

Sadly, wildlife in gardens is in decline and we need your help to give the local wildlife the support it needs to flourish.

Help us Support wildlife in your garden


Make your patch a miniature nature reserve

There are an estimated 124,500 gardens in Somerset, covering 19 square kilometres of the county. These spaces have huge potential for nature, and improving your garden so that wildlife can thrive doesn't need to be complicated. In this section of the website, you can find tips and downloads to help you make the most of your garden for wildlife, as well as ways to take your passion further, such as opening your garden for charity.


Open your garden

The popularity of open gardens has increased hugely in recent years, with events and garden directories springing up all over the UK, and many people choosing to open their garden for charity. Why not consider opening your garden and donating the proceeds to the Trust to help ensure the future of wildlife in the county?


Apply for a garden plaque

Show your support for wildlife gardening by applying for a free 'This is a wildlife garden' plaque that will let everyone know what you are doing to help wildlife in Somerset. Take a look at our wildlife gardening gallery for inspiration.


Gardening for Wildlife Group

The Gardening for Wildlife Group provides support to wildlife gardeners, as well as encouraging people who are just beginning to develop their garden in this way. The group is happy to give advice and guidance to individuals and gardening clubs on any topics associated with wildlife gardening, and has also helped schools and community groups to increase biodiversity and improve areas for wildlife.

To find out more about the Trust's Gardening for Wildlife Group or to get involved, please contact Penny Richards on 01984 624788 or .


Wildlife gardening updates

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Vine House Farm bird food

If you live in Somerset, 5% of your order value is donated to Somerset Wildlife Trust when you buy your VineHouseFarmbird food from Vine House Farm. Find out more about what they offer here.






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