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A Flying Start for this year's Field of Dreams

 25th Jul 2012


Barcroft Hall in Somerset opened the 2012 Field of Dreams on Saturday 30th June 2012 and saw 500 people visit over the first week end.

Last summer over 4000 people flocked to see the largest display of worldwide wild flowers in the UK at Barcroft Hall in Somerset, making national and international news and television.

This year award winning owners Brian & Denise Herrick will cheer us all up by doing it again despite the terrible weather. But this time even bigger and better with more flower varieties and a substantially larger area. During the first week end of opening no less than 500 visitors flocked to see and enjoy the largest worldwide wildflower meadow in the UK.

The effect the Field of Dreams 2011 had on visitors both old and young was staggering. Over 1500 visitors wrote personally to Brian and Denise, here’s what one said:

‘My partner an accomplished gardener was so moved by this incredible sight that she was quite literally reduced to tears. In a world that is inflicted by so much doom & gloom I feel compelled to make as many people as possible aware and share in this beautiful experience.’

A full catalogue of the flowers and an explanation of the project can be downloaded by visiting

The ‘Field of Dreams’ will be open to individuals or groups every day from 10 am to 6pm from June 30th. to  September 2nd  2012.

The ‘Opera Through the Flowers’ production is being held at Barcroft Hall on Saturday July 7th. reservations at

Entrance is FREE and donations will be given to local charities

Contact: Brian Herrick 07785 315227

Picture: Flying Start with Grace Chapman-Waterhouse 2012