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Ten ECO-Tips for Cooking Over The Summer!

Here are Trustee Nicky Saunter's top tips for planet-friendly cooking.

  1. Nicky for webThink about where your food comes from ­ try local produce
  2. Don’t buy anything that has been on an aeroplane if you can grow it in the UK
  3. Growing some of your own veg ­ even a window-pot of herbs or a growbag of tomatoes will help and will taste better
  4. Buy unwrapped fruit and veg, take your own bags, shop at a greengrocer if you can’t get it loose at the supermarket
  5. If you are cooking anything in the oven, use up all the space by cooking a second dish and freezing it/eating it the next day
  6. If you eat meat, ask where it comes from and if it’s reared outside (grass is much less carbon intensive than growing grain to feed to animals)
  7. If you are BBQ-ing, use local charcoal from sustainably managed woodlands
  8. Eat your weeds! Young dandelion leaves are good to replace curly endive lettuce, fat hen is like spinach. ­ Try Richard Mabey’s book Food for Free
  9. Eat raw food. ­ More salads means less energy needed for cooking
  10. Make yourself a rocket stove and cook outside on a tiny amount of fuel instead of using a conventional BBQ