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Local Groups

If you are are looking for a way to help wildlife in your local area, you may like to get in touch with your Area Group. Each group supports the work of the Wildlife Trust by putting on events and raising funds. Whether you would like to get regularly involved with the committee, or perhaps just help out one day over the summer they would love to hear from you.


Staff and volunteers put on a number of events throughout the year from the AGM to Family Wildlife Surveys, attending local fairs or running Book Sales. If you can help out on occasion and enjoy planning or being on the team at events please get in touch.

See the current opportunities page for more details.

Private & Community Nature Reserve NetworkBiodiversity day

Do you own an area you would like to manage for the benefit of wildlife? Perhaps there is a space in your local area that you would like to protect. This group is run by like minded people all sharing help and advice as well as running useful workshops and visits. Follow the link to find out more and get involved.

Gardening for Wildlife

This Somerset Wildlife Trust group is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. If you would like to help the group or find out more, go to this page.


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