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We’d really like to know what you think of our calendar so please vote for your favourite month in the left hand column, and leave us a message at the bottom of the page..

Support local conservation whilst enjoying stunning wildlife and seasonal landscape images from across Somerset. Below are the 12 months from the 2013 Calendar. To buy your copy online, please click here

Porlock beach adam burton sml Graham-McPherson-Starlings sml Gareth Jones Spoonbill at Catcott Nature Reserve
January - Porlock beach by Adam Burton February - Starlings by Graham McPherson March - Spoonbill at Catcott Nature Reserve by Gareth Jones
bluebells on quantocks Simon Youe ( Roe Deer Fawn Brian Phipps sml Wildflower meadow hardington Moor nature reserve by Gut Edwardes2020 Vision
April - Bluebells on Quantock by Simon Youe/ May - Roe Deer Fawn by Brian Phipps June - Wildflower meadow at Hardington Moor Nature Reserve by Guy Edwardes/2020 Vision
Water Bistort at westhay Guy Edwardes2020vision Pony grazing at Street Heath by Ross Hoddinott2020vision Sunrise over freshwater lake nr Westhay by John
July - Water Bistort at Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve by Guy Edwardes/2020vision August - Pony grazing at Street Heath by Ross Hoddinott/2020vision September - Sunrise over freshwater lake near Westhay by John Waters/
barn owl by Darin Smith Winter drove by Adam Burton sml Juvenile crane flock by Nick Upton 2020vision
October - Barn owl by Darin Smith November - Winter drove by Adam Burton December - Juvenile crane flock by Nick Upton/ 2020vision

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