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Barn Owl Project

Barn owl by andew mason Could you host a nest box?

An amazing 286 Somerset parishes have come forward to host a barn owl nest box as part of the Somerset Community Barn Owl project, launched in spring 2012. As we approach the final year of the project there are around 40 parishes yet to enquire about receiving a free project box. The project began as a conservation initiative to increase barn owl numbers in the county by providing nest sites and improving hunting habitats. Following a devastating breeding year in 2013 it is now a  recovery project for this very special species and your support is more important than ever. 

The parishes yet to put up a box are shown on the map below so if you think you could help please take a look at the requirements and get in touch using the enquiry form. 


Map of parishes yet to make an enquiry

Parishes without request for PO boxes - UPDATE-09-07-14

Please fill in our enquiry form if you could host a barn owl box for one of the parishes highlighted on the map above or on our full list

 Leaning about wildlife

Beau Visits Chewton Mendip school

We're delighted that thousands of school children are benefitting from our project. Many have had the opportunity to meet Beau the barn owl and have learnt all about barn owls and conservation. Find out more about our school visits.

Barn owl web cam

Beau on webcam

After a very difficult breeding year for barn owls, we were delighted to find in early November that a barn owl had taken up residence in our web cam box. You can watch them live and follow progress here.


Play Quest for the Nest

Barney Game

We're also really pleased to have worked with students at Somerset College to develop an online game for the project. The students have produced an educational and fun game called 'Quest for a Nest.'


Your questions answered

somwildtrust3-12-6 vincent evans

The project has received brilliant support from local communities and we've received all sort of questions from people wanting to help. We're working with the Hawk and Owl Trust and Conservation Officer Chris Sperring, MBE, has put together this Q & A.

Viridor Credits logo jpeg small
The Somerset Community Barn Owl Project is funded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; a charity that distributes monies from the Landfill Communities Fund.
The project is a collaboration with the Hawk and Owl Trust, a national charity dedicated to conserving wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats.

Report a sighting © Brian Phipps; Host a box © Andrew Mason; Chris & Beau © Vincent Evans; School group © Nigel Phillips.