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Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries

 26th May 2014

Small Pearl-bordered FritillaryOne of the key species on Langford Heathfield is the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly. These normally emerge about May 21st each year. But not everyone is as fortunate as Paul Cross, a member of Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, who on Wednesday 22nd saw a pair mating, one of which then detached itself and landed on his finger to allow him to take this fine photograph.

For anyone hoping to see these butterflies, the best method would be to look here, from where you can download a walk which will lead you to the spot. If you take the walk on 22 June you could also take part in our orchid count, also indicated on your downloaded walk -  ­ just keep walking after you have seen the butterflies.

This orchid count is not a scientific survey but a way of inviting lots of people, (especially young ones who can count) to enjoy the display of orchids  - mainly Heath Spotted-Orchids- in the big pony field on the reserve.  It will also give some estimate of the minimum number there. No skill is required. Other attractions are pony patting, butterfly spotting and tussock jumping. You need spend only 15 minutes or so on the count as part of your walk. A contribution of 50p or more would help to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Trust.

Photograph © Paul Cross