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Woodland Sell Off

 4th Feb 2011

Our current position

Tree © Christopher Hancock

Consultation is underway about the Goverment's proposal to sell some, or all, of the land looked after by the Forestry Commission ­- the Public Forest Estate.

We are currently digesting the detail of the consultation and we would encourage our supporters and members to do the same.

The main thrust of the proposal is to transfer woodland to other private and public bodies. Whilst we fully support the concept of community ownership we don’t believe that the charitable sector can be the complete solution to future management of the woodlands unless the Government provides significant support for this to happen. We are not sure that the Government has properly considered the feasibility of their proposal.  

An initial debate and vote took place in the House of Commons on Wednesday, February 2.

If you are interested to see how your County MP voted have a look at this link and if you are inclined to do so contact them directly from this site asking why they chose to vote like they did:

Here are a couple of useful web sites where you can find more information and debate.

You can also read a more detailed response from The Wildlife Trusts.