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Wildlife and Energy


This position statement focuses on the principles Somerset Wildlife Trust believe our governments, authorities and developers should adopt when facilitating energy generation policy and projects, so that new development supports people and wildlife, and contributes to the transition to a low carbon, renewable energy focussed future.

The document provides a brief introduction to the energy-related issues facing Somerset’s wildlife, and sets out the broad approaches Somerset Wildlife Trust will apply when dealing with local energy policy and development schemes.

This policy is based on the best available information and will be revised as necessary. Over time, all appropriate and relevant forms of energy generation will be covered by this document, so please do check back for updates.

Download Wildlife and Energy Position Statement March 2017

If you have any queries relating to this position statement, please contact Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Policy and Campaigns Manager, Steve Mewes, on 01823 652437 or via 


Climate change is presenting a significant and serious long-term threat to biodiversity and people across the world. For more information please click here.

Somerset Wildlife Trust Comments on the Hendry Review

Somerset Wildlife Trust welcomes recognition by the Hendry Review, released yesterday, that any tidal lagoon development in the UK should be subject to strict monitoring of any impacts of the technology on the marine environment. For more information please click here.