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We have loads of great wildlife events for adults, kids and families in Somerset. Hopefully the list below will give you lots of ideas for things to do, and give you more information about the interesting and fun activities you can take part in. Take a look at what's on below.

Trouble finding your way?

Because some of our events and things to do are held in the wilds of Somerset they include a grid reference as a meeting point - post codes are too imprecise. To see the location for the activity on a map go to Street Map and type in the grid reference (e.g. ST456437 no spaces.) If you zoom out you will first see the OS Explorer and Landranger maps which have more detail and then larger scale maps. Go to Street Map now.


National Meadows Day Celebrations

Saturday 1 July

Join us to celebrate National Meadows Day and explore the wealth of wildlife at our Bishops Meadow reserve. 

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Somerset's Wildlife Gardens - Bracondale

Sunday 14 May

Bracondale is a wildlife haven in a back garden. There is a wonderful pond, full of frogs, a small meadow that will be in full bloom and stunning trees.

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Meadows Fun Day

Saturday 27 May

More detail to follow

Somerset's Wildlife Gardens - Broomclose

Saturday 17 June - Sunday 18 June

Broomclose, a stunning Arts and Craft house, has a garden divided into idyllic pockets, from the Camelia Walk to the vegetable garden, described as “bee heaven” by local beekeepers due to the huge array of bee friendly plants. The garden looks over Porlock vale which is a site of specific interest.

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Guided Visit to Langford Heathfield Somerset Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve

Friday 9 June

Christine and Ian Loudon will lead visiting parts of the reserve where the star species should be thousands of Heath-spotted Orchids as well as Pale Dog violets, Lousewort, Bog Pimpernel. Milkwort, Slender St John's Wort and several sedges. Possibly some early Ringlet and Marbled White butterflies.

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Somerset's Wildlife Gardens - Sherborne Garden

Sunday 21 May

Sherborne Garden is a romantic and enchanting garden spreading across 4 and a half acres. It has an iconic bridge  and  numerous benches and hideaways, including many unusual trees.

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The British Wildlife Photography Awards Exhibition

Monday 3 April - Monday 1 May

Over 100 images and videos, including winning and commended entries from fifteen categories including: Animal Portraits, Coast and Marine, Urban Wildlife, Young People's Awards and Wild Woods.

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Somerset's Wildlife Gardens - Ball Copse Hall

Sunday 2 July

Ball Copse Hall has one of the most breathtaking views in the county. The enormous sky stretches over the Quantock and Polden hills with Brent Knoll to the side. It is understandable as to why it was chosen as a military hospital in the war as the hope was that the views would heal everything!

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A year in the life of the RSPCA Wildlife hospital and Rehabilitation Centre at West Hatch.

Friday 28 April

Arminel Scott a Wildlife Supervisor at RSPCA, West Hatch will present an overview of the species, average number of admissions annually, seasonal orphans and trends. Includes post-release monitoring studies: soft release and support eg otters, foxes, badgers and hard release eg seals, owls, gulls. Details will be given of the work of the specialist oiled bird rehabilitation centre. Short AGM will follow.

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Somerset's Wildlife Gardens - The Miller's House

Saturday 27 May

If you would like to see a beautiful wildlife pond then come to the Miller’s House. This atmospheric mill pond provided a way of life in years gone by and now it is a stunning place full of dragon flies and wild flowers.

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