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Somerset softies show they care this Valentine's

 31st Jan 2012

swt-e-card-webSomerset softies are showing they care for nature by raising awareness of one of the county’s most precious species with Somerset Wildlife Trust’s free cuddly dormouse e-Valentine’s card.

The hazel dormouse has declined by a massive 50 per cent in the past 100 years nationally. Somerset remains an important stronghold for these sleepy little creatures, with Somerset Wildlife Trust nature reserves providing vital woodland habitat.

Show you care

Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Corporate Marketing Officer Carol Ware said: ”Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show you care, so we’re asking people in Somerset to share their love of nature this Valentine’s. Sending our e-card will help spread the love, and the conservation message, on this special day!”

Send your card to a loved one.

Vital nature reserves

With the sad decline of dormice almost entirely due to the loss of woodland habitat Somerset Wildlife Trust’s careful management of its ancient woodland nature reserves is vital work.

On these nature reserves hazel coppicing ensures a good supply of nuts, leaves and berries; dormice tubes and boxes provide places for nesting and hibernation; and surveying and monitoring all helps to ensure the future survival of local dormouse populations. 

Adopt a dormouse

Somerset Wildlife Trust runs an adoption scheme to help fund its conservation work. Dormouse can be adopted this Valentine’s for just £20 and your gift will help the Trust protect vulnerable wildlife and preserve wild places in Somerset.

Adopt a dormouse for a loved one.

Send your card to a loved one.


Dormouse on moss © Jamie Edmonds