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Calaminarian grassland

Are you interested in learning about the scarcest grassland type in the UK? Calaminarian grassland, a very rare habitat, occurs only in areas where suitable substrates are contaminated with heavy metal pollutants. Mining on the Mendip Hills has taken place for centuries, the resulting spoil heaps typical of 'gruffy' ground, can sometimes support calaminarian grassland. Plant species found on Mendip calaminarian grassland include mountain pansy, spring sandwort, alpine pennycress, sea campion, bladder campion and thrift.

As part of the project we will be running training workshops which will give the opportunity to learn about this rare habitat and how to manage and protect it. 


Grassland management

There will be hands-on practical sessions on habitat management which will aim to equip the attendees with knowledge and skills to undertake grassland restoration. These workshops will offer the opportunity to increase knowledge of particular farming methods, develop new skills and learn about seed-gathering. These workshops will also give the chance to network with other landowners with similar interests.


Training Dates

Lead mining history and ecology on the Mendip Hills

Saturday 14th May

2pm – 4pm

The lead mining history of the Mendip Hills has shaped the landscape and left behind some very rare habitats. We’ll be exploring this history, which stretches back over 2 millennia, as well as the species these areas now support.  This special event also includes a visit to Blackmoor Nature Reserve for the chance to see this unique history for yourself.

Charterhouse Outdoor Activity Centre
BS40 7XR


Managing your horse paddock for wildflowers

Tuesday 21st June

1pm – 4.30pm

Come and learn about the horse track system - a way of keeping horses that mimics their natural behaviours whilst benefitting wildlife - and how it can be used to manage your own wildflower meadow.  After a talk on meadow management and horse tracking, we will be visiting a local farm in Wookey to see this system in action.

The Pheasant Inn
Wells Road


Grassland management workshop for smallholders

Saturday 6th August

9.30am – 3pm

This hands-on day will cover different wildflower meadow creation methods including how to prepare a site, harvest seed and grow plug plants.  This is a great event for those wishing to learn how to create wildflower meadows however large or small.

Oakhill Village Hall
Zion Hill

These events are free, but booking is essential. Simply book your place now by emailing us at:
Or phone us on 01823 652472


Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about grassland management and meadow restoration, contact us at 

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