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With the help of over 18,000 members Somerset Wildlife Trust has been preserving Somerset’s natural spaces and protecting vulnerable wildlife across the county for over 50 years.  Managing our reserves and delivering conservation programmes to ensure the next generations are able to enjoy the same wildlife-rich landscapes as we do today is an enormous job.  To do this, we rely heavily on membership to generate the funds we need, alongside the generosity of people who are able to give in other ways.  We cannot protect precious habitats and wildlife in Somerset without the support of those who live and work around them.

Help us Safeguard Vulnerable Species.  Help us Provide Safe Places For Wildlife and Inspiring Spaces for People

Thanks to our supporters we have been able to achieve some amazing results for wildlife - such as the continued preservation of our wetland Bittern population and the incredible success of our Large Blue butterfly programme.  But we cannot stop here.  We have to work harder to maintain these successes in the face of a changing economic climate, and to ensure the long term health of other vulnerable species such as dormice, bats and barn owls to name just a few.

We will continue to work closely with farmers and landowners across the county to help them manage land effectively for wildlife.  Alongside this we will use  our nature reserves to create the very best habitats to support our wildlife for the longer term in the face of the increasing impact of climate change –and also to maintain our fantastic places and green spaces for people to enjoy, explore and connect to nature for health and wellbeing.  But we need more help. We need you.

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As a UK taxpayer, your donations can be worth an extra 25p to us for every £1 you give through the Gift Aid scheme. Even better, higher rate tax payers can claim an additional 37.5p for every £1 donated, which you can keep or pass on to any charitable organisation. Please consider Gift Aid when you make a donation.

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