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We have loads of great wildlife events for adults, kids and families in Somerset. Hopefully the list below will give you lots of ideas for things to do, and give you more information about the interesting and fun activities you can take part in. Take a look at what's on below.

Trouble finding your way?

Because some of our events and things to do are held in the wilds of Somerset they include a grid reference as a meeting point - post codes are too imprecise. To see the location for the activity on a map go to Street Map and type in the grid reference (e.g. ST456437 no spaces.) If you zoom out you will first see the OS Explorer and Landranger maps which have more detail and then larger scale maps. Go to Street Map now.


Sunday 28 May - Saturday 29 July

The Wild Edge Gallery's new exhibition called 'wildest Somerset' is now open.  Works include paintings by Jim Starr (who has recently produced work featured in BBC's The Apprentice), sculptures by Ian Marlow and April Young, photography from Suzanne Easton and drawing and paintings by Erica Sharpe.

Icons - Events5Icons - Events7Icons - Events6As well as the proceeds from the raffle, 10% of sales from the exhibition will be donated to Somerset Wildlife Trust.


Tuesday 30 May - Saturday 3 June

Pop in to say hello if you're at the show this year - our Save Our Magnificent Meadows team will be in the horticulutre section with fun activities and talking all things meadows and wildlife gardening!

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Tuesday 30 May

A stroll around Monks Ford at Wookey with medical herbalist Bet Partridge looking at healing and other plants.  Should be time to look around the goat farm and buy some of their excellent cheese and other products too!

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Sunday 4 June

Vellacott is the archetypal Cottage Garden. The  surrounding Quantocks and  Brendon Hills make Vellacott feel like a floral oasis, a paradise for all wildlife.

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Ged Keele will lead a walk on the Polden Hills. Starting at Ivythorne we will walk out along the Polden ridge to Collard Hill. We will look at species rich grassland on the way. Collard Hill is one of the large blue release sights and it is possible that we might see an early specimen on the wing.

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Monday 5 June

Water vole and otter training to introduce the knowledge and skills required to deliver commercial surveys in accordance with best practice guidance.

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Friday 9 June

Christine and Ian Loudon will lead visiting parts of the reserve where the star species should be thousands of Heath-spotted Orchids as well as Pale Dog violets, Lousewort, Bog Pimpernel. Milkwort, Slender St John's Wort and several sedges. Possibly some early Ringlet and Marbled White butterflies.

Booking now necessary for this event. Please ring Ian Loudon on 01823 664732.


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Sunday 11 June

Badbury Dairy House is a Flower Farm. Helen, our host, is a Flower Farmer, who creates stunning floral displays using her own flowers grown from seed in her country garden in Somerset. This is a truly inspiring place to visit and everyone will leave wanting to be a Flower Farmer! 

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Join Mick Ridgard for a hillside walk to look for several species of orchid and butterflies.

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Tuesday 13 June

Set on a working farm, the meadows are an unusual mixture of lime rich, neutral and acidic areas which support a wide range of species including many less common plants such as fragrant orchid and meadow saffron.

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