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People's Choice - choose your favourite


This competition is now closed, thank you to everyone who has entered.

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Golden Sun 800

Golden sun by Freya Steele taken at Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve in December. 

Is Golden Sun your favourite?

Kingfisher in the Frost

Kingfisher in the frost by Steve Balcombe taken on a very cold winter day at Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve in December.

Misty Morning 5th of May

Mist at Lydeard Hill by Ian Anderson

Is Misty Morning 5th of May your favourite?

Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge by Michael Dearden

Is Cheddar Gorge your favourite?

Summer Meadow

Summer meadow in its full glory by Ian Wade taken at Wraxham in ‎June‎.

Is Summer Meadow your favourite?

Summer Grasslands

High summer in a Somerset wildflower meadow by Nick Edge taken at Hatch Hill in July.

Is Kingfisher in the Frost your favourite?
Is Summer Grasslands your favourite?

Happy Marsh Frog

Happy marsh frog by Phill Gwilliam taken at Ham Wall in July. 

Is Happy Marsh Frog your favourite?

Marmalade Fly

Marmalade fly by Steve Balcombe taken at Bathpool, Taunton in May.

Is Marmalade Fly your favourite?

Common Shore Crab

Common Shore Crab by Ian Wade with Clevedon Pier in the background

Is Common Shore Crab your favourite?

Little Owl

Little Owl by Will Clark taken in Street.

Is Little Owl your favourite

Coombe Hill Woods

An autumn walk in Coombe Hill Woods by Liam Culliford on a misty morning. 

Is Coombe Hill Woods your favourite?

Starling Sunrise

Starling Sunset by Robin Morrison

Is Starling Sunrise your favourite?