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If you like running, cycling, or are thinking about taking part in a sponsored event in Somerset or further afield, we’d love you to do so while raising funds to support Somerset’s wildlife.  Please do let us know of what you are planning to do to fundraise for Somerset Wildlife Trust and we will support you via our social media and other communications channels.


We’ll also be happy to provide images and information to share with your friends, family and colleagues about our work and would encourage you to share photos and news of your training and progress so we can share in celebrating your achievement.


Support Tony Vangasse in 2018's London Marathon

Tony Vangasse ran his first marathon when he was just 13, and since then has taken part in loads of races.  This time he is putting on his trainers in order to do the London Marathon 2018 on our behalf and is currently training hard. He’s hoping not just to raise lots of money to support our work, but also  to inspire the next generation into get connected to nature - starting with his own children who will be there on the day cheering him across the finish line. You can see how his training has been going by playing the video above. To help Tony stay motivated through the tough winter weather could you support him? All money he raises will go straight into local conservation work. Please click here to support Tony and find out more. 

Support Tony