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Pottery to protect wildlife

No longer available

Unfortunately our limited edition Morocroft pieces are no longer available to purchase via our shop. To check if the items are available elsewhere, please contact W. Moorcroft Ltd:

W.Moorcroft Ltd
Sandbach Road,
Tel: 01782 820500

A golden year

In our 50th anniversary year in 2014, an exclusive collection of pieces produced by internationally renowned art pottery company W. Moorcroft Ltd was launched to help the charity to protect the county's butterfly populations.

The trio of pieces, which includes two vases and a framed plaque, feature three of Somerset’s most precious butterfly species ­ the large blue, grizzled skipper and small pearl bordered fritillary. A donation was made to Somerset Wildlife Trust for every purchase made, helping Somerset Wildlife Trust to protect and enhance the wildflower grasslands and vital butterfly habitat on which these species depend.

British institutions join forces for nature

Elise Adams, Managing Director of W. Moorcroft Ltd:

Moorcroft Somerset Collection

“Moorcroft first began supporting England’s Wildlife Trusts in 2005. A decade on, we are delighted to be involved with the Somerset Wildlife Trust who are championing the county’s rare butterflies and wildflower meadows.  Moorcroft designer Emma Bossons FRSA has created a wealth of butterfly designs during her 18 year career at Moorcroft, but is especially proud of the Somerset Collection trio. 

“It seems most apt that in the year that Moorcroft’s 100 year centenary celebrations draw to a close, and in which the Somerset Wildlife Trust celebrate their 50th anniversary, that these two British institutions have joined forces to raise valuable funds for the vital conservation work that is needed.”