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Leaving a gift in your Will to benefit future generations shows much foresight and generosity of spirit. Your gift will have a lasting impact and ensure Somerset’s wildlife and wild places will continue to exist and inspire other wildlife enthusiasts. After taking care of your loved ones, by remembering Somerset Wildlife Trust in your Will you too could leave an amazing gift.


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Somerset Wildlife Trust is the county’s largest conservation charity and all the funding it receives is spent on rescuing and restoring Somerset’s wildlife and wild places. Since 1964 we have been working across the county to ensure it remains one of the most wildlife rich places to live, work and explore. During that time Bitterns have returned to boom on the Levels and the once extinct Large Blue Butterfly has been reintroduced – both are now thriving on Somerset Wildlife Trust nature reserves.





An amazing gift

Small or large, EVERY gift in every Will is valuable to us. Some are expressed as specific sums of money, or a percentage (even a 1% share) of residue. All are welcomed and will be used to support our conservation work in Somerset.


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As a tightly run organisation, with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we work hard to keep our general administration costs low. We depend on the generosity of our individual supporters, companies and grant giving bodies to fund our work, and gifts in Wills are vital to our


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