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Somerset’s Brilliant Coast: ­ Photo Competition

As part of National Marine Week Somerset Wildlife Trust launched a photo competition that celebrates the county’s coastline.

Somerset’s coast really is something be proud of and to celebrate. With a diverse array of habitats including sand dunes, rocky shores, beaches, cliffs, salt marsh and mud flats it is home to a wealth of wildlife.

From Shelduck, Avocet and Whimbrel to Star Fish, Sea Urchin and Squat Lobsters and from Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Seals and Barrel Jelly Fish to stunning Orchids and butterflies our small, but wonderful, coastline has more species than you might expect.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we received lots of interesting and exciting photographs, ranging in subject from crabs and whelks, to butterflies, birds and landscapes.

The entries were judged by Somerset Wildlife Trust President Stephen Moss and Living Seas Ambassador Nigel Phillips, and the first, second and first place winners are listed below.

For more information about Somerset's Brilliant Coast click here

1st place

1st Place
Porlock View with poppies - Naomi Turley


2nd place

2nd Place
Velvet swimming crab


3rd place

3rd Place
Painted topshell