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 Badger cull news updates

17/05/17 - Badger cull latest update

Natural England has received applications or expressions of interest for a badger control licence within the counties of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and adjoining partsof Somerset. Read more here

09/02/17 - The Wildlife Trust's views on Defra's plans for the badger cull

The Wildlife Trusts’ submission developed in response to Defra's consultation entitled 'Bovine TB: Supplementary badger disease control'. Read more here

30/08/16 - New badger cull petition launched on government website

The Wildlife Trusts’ President Emeritus and SWT's Patron, Simon King OBE, launched a new e-petition on the Government website calling for an end to the badger cull and no expansion of the cull to new areas. Read more here

23/08/16 - New badger cull imminent: The Wildlife Trusts call for end to flawed policy

The Wildlife Trusts will oppose any decision by Natural England to grant new licences for culling badgers and will call on the Government and the newly appointed Secretary of State, Andrea Leadsom, to overrule and reverse this decision immediately. Read more here

17/12/15 - The Wildlife Trusts urge Government to drop the cull and focus on vaccination and securing badger BCG supplies

The Government today announced that it is suspending the sourcing of BCG vaccine for English badger vaccination schemes, that the 2015 badger culls were ‘successful in meeting their targets’ and confirmed it wants to see ‘badger control over a wider number of areas next year’, issuing new guidance to Natural England that significantly relaxes the current badger culling licence criteria. Read more here.

18/12/14  - Pilot cull results  published for 2014

The results of the second year of badger culling have been released by Defra today (18 Dec).

Read the report here.

In Somerset, the very low target was just met with 341 badgers culled (the target was 316 - 785) but in Gloucestershire, just 274 were removed (with a target of 615 - 1,091).  

Final authorisation of badger control licences in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset

Feb 27: Natural England has today confirmed that all criteria have been met to allow control of badgers to begin in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset.

Read the Wildlife Trust's response.

Colleagues at Dorset Wildlife Trust, which has been named as a reserve pilot area, issued this statement.