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Badger Cull
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April 2017 - Natural England has received applications or expressions of interest for a badger control licence within the counties of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and adjoining parts of Somerset and Dorset. No specific information has been made as to the precise location of the application areas,  so until we have more detail it is impossible to speculate on what steps we might need to take should it affect our landholdings.  Somerset Wildlife has responded to the consultation and we will now await further information and respond accordingly.

Depending on the location of the new potential cull zones, we would have a number of concerns, most significantly the potential for the badger populations on our reserves to be disrupted, which might put our graziers’ livestock at risk, and that potentially it could interfere with any badger vaccination work which we might wish undertake (which is dependant on a supply of vaccines being available).  We would, as we have been to date, be committed to working with other groups and individuals to identify viable and effective solutions.

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