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The campaign for a Nature and Wellbeing Act

What is the Nature and Wellbeing act?

A proposed piece of legislation to bring about the recovery of nature in a generation, for the benefit of people and wildlife. The proposals have been drafted by The Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB and are supported by partner organisations.

A joint public campaign - Act for Nature - is asking politicians to act for nature.

The Nature and Wellbeing Act ­ what you can do?

Next May we will have a General Election in the UK and the political parties will be looking to win your support. Unfortunately, despite the well-documented evidence of the decline of so much of our natural heritage, nature and wildlife remain low on the political agenda. This is your chance to tell your MP why nature matters so much to all of us.

We want people to urge politicians to include strong commitments to nature in their 2015 manifestos. Here’s how:

1. Sign our e-action and contact your MP

Please join our campaign & ask your MP to Act for Nature, and call for a Nature and Wellbeing Act in their Party’s election manifesto. 

Send your E-action now 

2. Join us on Tuesday 9 December in London for a Rally for Nature.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Rally info & register

What would the Nature and Wellbeing Act do?

The Act would put nature at the heart of how decisions are made about health, housing and other development, education, economic growth, flood resilience and every community. It would ensure for instance that local and national ‘ecological networks’ are mapped out and created to put wildlife habitats back into the landscape.

The Nature and Wellbeing Act Green Paper sets out what the Act would achieve in more detail but broadly it will:

•Improve the status of species and their habitats for the next generation

•Place the value of nature at the heart of decision-making, nationally and locally, and across all Government Departments

•Ensure that local action for nature is linked across the land delivering natural green spaces and ecosystems, that are more resilient in the face of climate change

•Better connect people with nature, giving everyone access to natural green spaces and ensuring that our children have a greater understanding of our natural world and what it does for us.

Download the Nature & Wellbeing Act Green paper