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30 Days Wild

Are you up for a challenge?

Can you do something wild every day for a month?

Make room for nature - no matter where you are or how busy your life! Make this the month when you do something wild every day ­- and let us motivate you!

Some campaigns ask you for money. Others ask you to bake, grow a moustache or give up things that are bad for you. Well, we’re not asking you to give us anything and we don’t want you to stop doing anything. All we want is for you to give yourself some time with nature.

Need some instant inspiration?

Take a look at the ideas below and find out how Somerset is the perfect setting for your Random Acts of Wildness...

Large Blue (c) Will Clark






Our limited edition Moorcroft pottery collection is only available until 30th June 2015.

Place your order now to ensure you don't miss out on thee pieces which feature three of Somerset's rarest butterflies; the large blue, grizzled skipper and small pearl bordered fritillary.

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Large Blue (c) Will Clark, Betony (c) Matthew Marshall